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The Values Toolkit

The Values Toolkit contains seven scripts that will take you step-by-step through using values in leadership development and career planning, and 42 activities that will enliven all aspects of workplace activity, from team building to succession planning.

The Trait Toolkit

The Trait Toolkit is a resource guide of tools to use with individuals and groups who are exploring personality in order to develop themselves, work together more effectively, and build capacities for leadership.

The Owner’s Manual for Values at Work 

A 21st-century update of the 1970s classic Values Clarification with applications for the workplace. Shows how values inform decisions at work, at home, and at play.

The Owner’s Manual for Happiness 

Happiness is overrated, and this volume shows you five kinds of positive mood that are equal to or better than happiness—flow, fit, relationships, goals, and service.

Owner’s Manual for the Brain, 4th ed. 

Gotta have it! One reviewer wrote that ‘if you could have only one neuroscience book for use as a coach, this would be it.’ Contains practical applications of brain research from how to get a good night’s sleep to how to manage witnesses and juries.

Owner’s Manual for Personality from 12 to 22 

Introduces the Big Five for use with adolescents and shows how traits can be used in curriculum design, learning styles, extra curricular activities, and family building.

The Owner’s Manual for Personality at Work, 2nd ed.

A must-have introduction to the Big Five—contains how-to suggestions for relationships, career planning, learning style, and more.

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Distinctions Asia provides various tools and solutions, such as WorkPlace Big Five personality tests, to meet your organization’s consulting and training needs.

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