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WorkPlace Values Profile™

WorkPlace Values Profile™ Report

The key to unlocking Employee Engagement and Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is critical to employee performance and organizational success.

Current research reveals that work environments fostering intrinsic motivation deliver numerous measurable benefits including:

  • Higher productivity
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Higher employee retention
  • Better bottom-line results

Research has also uncovered the missing piece of the puzzle: understanding personal values and their connection to work.

Employees are not interchangeable parts. They bring their individual perspectives and their richly varied experiences, in short, their whole selves to work every single day.

When we live and work in accordance with our personal values, we can leverage our whole selves and attain the satisfaction, control, and creativity critical to delivering value in the workplace and impact in our communities.

The WorkPlace Values Profile helps you leverage values for individual and organizational success.

Values Connect with Business Goals

Understanding personal values helps us make better people decisions in foundational contexts including:

  • Best-fit hires
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • Succession planning
  • Employee recognition and rewards
  • Employee engagement

Skills, aptitudes, and experience will always matter but today’s organizations keenly focus on aligning personality, cultural fit, and individual values to effectively develop and competitively leverage employee skillsets.

Paradigms's 16 Values:

Through research, we have identified 16 core personal values relevant to the workplace. These values are grouped on the Paradigm Values Grid—a unique and accessible way to clearly understand personal values, how they interact, and how they emerge in the workplace to shape individual outcomes:

  • Achievement
  • Activity
  • Beauty
  • Competition
  • Health
  • Helping
  • Independence
  • Intellect
  • Justice
  • Style
  • Pleasure
  • Power
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Stability
  • Status

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